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We are bringing elite trainers and state-of-the-art equipment to the West Grove Community.

At West Grove Fitness, everything we do from top to bottom is of the highest quality to ensure we’re equipped to help you reach your goals of a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Elite Trainers

Matt Paz
Matt PazOwner and Trainer
Matt is one of the most profound elite trainers in the fitness industry. With over 13 years of experience thriving on pushing your limits to achieve maximum results in both personal training and overall health. Matt holds a Bachelor Science degree in Kinesiology, a teaching credential from Long Beach State University and has been involved in the field of education prior to turning his interests to the fitness industry. He is a top-notch competitor having competed on the Long Beach State Baseball Team. Following his college days of competition he turned he continued his competitive drive towards endurance races such as the Boston Marathon, and triathlons, most recently competing in the World Championships (Iron-Man) in Kona. Being an athlete his whole life, he knows what it takes to get to the top and strives at ensuring that you will achieve athletic success. Matt offers innovative workouts to achieve a regimen that is flexible, spontaneous and most of all ENJOYABLE. He provides training that reaches every fitness level from the novice to the professional athlete. Whether you are looking for a fresh new way to exercise, cross train, or get a leg up on your competitor and exceed your current level of fitness, he is here to help you reach your goals and motivate you to keep setting new ones.

When you work out with an expert trainer your questions will be answered, your goals pursued and every step will be taken to ensure that each workout is more effective than the one before. You’ll have more energy, feel stronger, feel confident and feel proud that you made the decision to do something different. Regardless of your age or fitness level he will create custom programs for all of his clients, tailored to their abilities and needs, whether the goal is weight loss, preparing for a marathon, or conquering a pull up. Make a commitment to yourself and to the ones you love to take good care of your health and fitness so that you’ll be happier and healthier longer.

Fitness is a journey of physical and mental growth and change, and Ryan understands that in order to be successful one must also train to have a positive mindset. Ryan’s outgoing and positive attitude, along with his passion for fitness and self improvement, only encourages his clients to strive for their personal best. Since a young age, Ryan has kept up an active lifestyle through various organized sports, which continued through his academic career. While earning his Kinesiology degree from Whittier College, Ryan also played football and competed in track and field. In addition to his continuous education in the health and fitness world, Ryan also earned his paramedic license from UCLA, allowing him to develop an even deeper understanding of the human body and why exercise is essential. His love for an active lifestyle is not only evident through his chosen educational and career paths, but also through his continued quest to be challenged physically. His most recent physical accomplishment was competing in the 2016 U.S. Outrigger Championships paddling from Catalina Island to Newport Beach. His personal experience and eight-year history as a personal trainer has taught him that fitness is not only a physical challenge, but a mental one as well.

Becoming the Change

Custom Training
Group Classes

Congratulations Kristi S. & Lisa L.!

Congratulations Kristi S. and Lisa L.